Aug 30

fear.fm comes back!!! Mit eurer hilfe

Do you want Fear.FM back?

Follow/subscribe/like us on Facebook, Twitter, Hyves and Myspace and let us know why YOU want Fear.FM back!

It has not gone unnoticed that another radio station will go offline. Another painful memory that reminds us of the moment we were forced to stop our activities. We think this slowly hollows out the scene and that it is not acceptable!

Since Fear.FM has gone offline we went searching for possibilities to come back. Up till today we still get a lot of positive comments on Fear.FM, which gives us the power and motivation to fight back and search for the right solutions

But there is light at the end of the darkness! We have met with potential partners who see a future in Fear.FM. Even though there are still enough obstacles ahead of us, we are convinced that with the right support, Fear.FM has a new chance of existence.

Before the point is there that Fear.FM is back, we have to convince sponsors and/or partners that Fear.FM has a right to exist. To do this we need you to subscribe/follow/like Fear.FM on the provided social media pages. With the amount of members we hope to convince sponsors and/or partners that Fear.FM has to be back!

So subscribe/follow/like us to let us know why you want Fear.FM back and make sure your friends will do too! We will make sure you will be hearing from us soon.





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